Why exhibit

The electronic industry is one of the key directions of the modern industry in Russia.
In Russia the state program ‘Development of the electronic and radio-electronic industry for 2013-2025’ works. According to the Program financing of the companies will make 179 224,366 million rubles.

The electronic industry of Russia is represented by more than 1800 organisations, the largest enterprises - Angstrem, Micron, Svetlana, Meteor plant, JSC Moscow Electrolamp Plant, scientific research institute of gas-discharge devices Plasma, NPP Istok, NPP Pulsar and other.

The largest enterprises and corporations are located in Moscow. Among  visitors and exhibitors of ExpoElectronica exhibition there are:  State Corporate ‘Rostechnologii’, Roselectronics , RAO ‘UES of Russia’, RUSNANO, Almaz-Antey, Zelenograd Innovation and Technology Centre (ZITT), Skolkovo Innovation Center and other.

ExpoElectronica is the largest international exhibition of electronic components, modules and systems both in terms of the number and importance of its exhibitors in Russia.

ExpoElectronica exhibition holds the title of the “Best exhibition in Russia” on the subject of electronics and accessories in all categories according to the Russian National Exhibition Rating.

ExpoElectronica is an effective business platform to attract new clients and increase sales of electronic components, modules and systems to existing clients in Russia. Participation in ExpoElectronica exhibition gives exhibitors an opportunity to demonstrate products in short time to a large number of specialists interested in acquiring it.

Figures and facts 2018:

In 2018, the number of exhibitors and the exhibition area of "ExpoElectronica" and "ElectronTechExpo" became a record for all the years of the exhibition!

  • 431 companies from Russia, Germany, Poland, Belarus, China, France, Great Britain, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, USA, Turkey, Finland and Switzerland.
  • The exhibition area was 16 490 sq.m.
  • 11 073 specialists visited the exhibitions
  • As part of the business program of the exhibitions, 45 technical seminars and presentations of participating companies were held

Following the results of the 2018 exhibition:

  • 9 523 visitors have concluded or intend to conclude contracts with exhibitors
  • 10 297 visitors are empowered or influence purchasing decisions in companies
  • 96% of exhibitors consider participation in the exhibition useful in terms of future sales of their company
  • 65% of visitors do not attend other exhibitions of similar subjects